Stafford House Study Holidays is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK.


Engaging lessons from professional and motivated teachers

We aim to make sure that each student's language skills improve as much as possible during their time with us.

Our English teachers are selected on the basis of their ability to bring lessons to life with fun classroom activities and interesting topics.

Teacher-student interaction is a vital component of our teaching methods, and where ever possible, we encourage students to use the language, rather than just learn about it.

Personalised course structure

Over the years, we have developed seven different course structures, each with different features, themes and options. This allows us to personalise lessons for each student, finding the approach that matches their interests and learning style best.

Student-friendly lesson structure

Our teaching is structured with two 45 minute sessions followed by half an hour's break, and then two further 45 minute sessions. Learning a different language can be mentally and physically tiring, and our experience shows that our lesson structure and style maximises student concentration and success.

All of our courses involve excursions and activities. This helps encourage socialising and language practice, making sure all our students feel comfortable in the classroom and amongst their peers.

Small class sizes

To ensure the best possible teacher-student ratio, classes are usually limited to a maximum of 16 students. This allows us to focus our attention on individual areas of weakness and improvement, and to better stream our classes by ability - so no-one gets left behind.

Captivating lessons

Our teachers have access to a wide range of resources, including our own bespoke language learning books, high quality classrooms, modern audio-visual facilities and language resources that students can take home with them.

Specialist options

A number of our centres have specialist facilities and teaching, giving students the opportunity to focus on a particular sport or creative art.

A team of support staff

At all of our centres, there is an extensive staff of fully-trained teachers, entertainment staff and welfare supervisors to ensure all our students make the most of their time with us:

  • Centre Director - An experienced person who is in overall charge of the centre, maintaining excellent levels of teaching, safety and care.

  • Welfare Supervisor - An assistant to the Centre Director, responsible for accommodation, welfare and administration. It is their responsibility to make sure that all students are happy and safe. Our centre offices are open until 8pm everyday, with staff available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. To find out more about welfare, see our Student Care page.

  • Director of Studies - An experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) specialist who leads the teaching team and supervises the academic programme. It is their responsibility to ensure our courses have the highest quality of language tuition possible.

  • Teachers - We ensure that all our teachers are highly motivated and professional in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

  • Activities Manager - The person responsible for organising student activities and excursions. For many students, these activities and excursions are the most exciting aspect of their holiday. All our courses include a full schedule of enjoyable on and off-site activities, ranging from sports tournaments, themed discos and full-day visits to major cities or attractions of cultural or historical importance.

  • Activity Leaders - Lively assistants to the Activities Manager who animate the activities and make sure everyone has a good time. For more infomation, please visit our Activities and Excursions page.

  • Family Organiser - For those students seeking a full immersion experience,  two of our UK centres (Edinburgh and Canterbury) offer a Homestay option, giving the chance to experience life as part of a British family. Our 'Family Organisers' are in charge of finding friendly and caring  families who are willing to act as host parents and siblings to our students.

    We also have an experienced Advisor who visits Centres regularly, assisting, assessing and supporting the people who run the Centres and meeting Group Leaders.