LAST UPDATED 7th December 2021

  • Everyone on the campus, including all students, is subject to British law and may face legal penalties if they break the law. Anyone breaking the law, or these school rules will also be disciplined by Stafford House Study Holidays.
  • All students must visibly display their lanyard and ID card at all times.
  • Students must always obey reasonable instructions given to them by Stafford House staff.
  • Students must attend all lessons and activities, unless they are ill, in which case they must be supervised by their Group Leader or Student Welfare Officer. Students 16 and over can request free time during certain activities and this will be agreed with the Centre Management Team.
  • Being late for lessons and activities is not acceptable, nor is disruptive behaviour in class, which prevents other students from learning effectively. All students must obey the school curfew times, which Group Leaders must help to enforce. Students must not disturb others and must return to their own rooms before the curfew time. They must not leave their room after lights-out time
  • If a Group Leader wishes to take their group away from the academic or activity programmes, they will need to sign the appropriate form and have it approved in advance by the Centre Director.
  • Students may not go off-site unless accompanied by their Group Leader, an authorised member of our staff, or if arrangements have been agreed with a responsible member of Stafford House staff. If the Group Leader is taking their group off-site, they must sign out.
  • Visitors must not be invited onto the site without the prior permission of the Centre Director.
  • Violent or abusive behaviour, including bullying, cyber-bullying or bad language, will not be tolerated. Please see the Stafford House Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Drinking alcohol or taking any sort of recreational drug, including solvents or “legal highs”, will result in the student being disciplined. Students can be expelled for this. Anyone found to be supplying alcohol/cigarettes to minors will be similarly punished.
  • Smoking or “vaping” (using electronic cigarettes) is only allowed in areas specified by the school.
  • Misuse of fire equipment will result in students being fined (students will have to pay compensation to the school).
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated, and offenders will be made to make repairs.
  • Any damages will be charged to the student(s) concerned. Students are responsible for their own areas, and if a culprit is not found, the people responsible for that area will each be charged a proportion of the cost of the damage.
  • Students are not allowed to cook in their accommodation, except where this has been arranged in advance with the Centre Director.
  • Sharing of inappropriate or explicit images online or via mobile phones is strictly forbidden.
  • Misuse of any computer, laptop, mobile phone or mobile device/tablet to visit violent or obscene websites and/or to download offensive material is not allowed and is considered a serious offence.
  • All decisions regarding discipline will be made in line with the Stafford House Student Disciplinary Procedure.